Mandolin Creek Gardens

Mandolin Creek Gardens produces vegetable, fruit, grain, and other plant crops for demonstration and education.

Welcome to Mandolin Creek Gardens!

Mandolin Creek Gardens was founded to produce bespoke plant crops, demonstrating the wide range of techniques that may be used to grow everything from fruits to vegetables and grains to ornamentals, using our ongoing active production experience to instruct future master gardeners using scientifically-proven theories and practices.

Our Gardens

Mandolin Creek Gardens presently operates at two locations: Mandolin Creek Farm and Mandolin Creek Lodge.

Mandolin Creek Farm

Mandolin Creek Gardens primarily operates at Mandolin Creek Farm. The Farm's Greenhouse Pasture provides ~30,000 ft2 of growing area, surrounded by 6' tall pest-resistant fencing. This space offers the following facilities:

  • small greenhouse (~1000 ft2 @ 20'x48'), complete
  • big greenhouse (~3000 ft2 @ 30'x96'), framed
  • frost-free lawn hydrants, potable water supply
  • 5000 gallons, non-potable water storage
  • located adjacent to the Marys River 

We hope to implement the following improvements at some point:

  • aquaculture tanks alongside the small greenhouse
  • custom hydroponic float tanks and NFT racks inside the small greenhouse
  • electrical service, lighting, and heat

Mandolin Creek Lodge

Mandolin Creek Gardens utilizes the Lodge Garden at Mandolin Creek Lodge, providing an isolated space to grow fresh produce for seed propagation. The Lodge property presently contains a modest enclosed growing area fed by a spring or well source.